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Memfil is manufacturer of Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Filter, distributor of energy water filter, diomond water, water dispenser and mineral pot.
•Outdoor Ultra Water Filter
    + Ultra Filter DSS-440E
    + Ultra Filter DRS-440S
    + Ultra Filter DSS-453
•Indoor Ultra Water Filter
    + Ultra Energy Water System
    + Ultra Energy Twin Tower
    + Ultra Energy Twin Tower
    + Ultra Energy Triple Tower
    + Ultra Energy Water Dispenser
•Product advantages
•Flushing & Blackwashing
•Other product for retail and
   + Bottle Type Water Dispenser
   + Bracket
   + Direct Pipe In
      Water Dispensers
   + Diverter & Connector
   + Doulton Products
   + Drinking Water Pump
   + Energy Filtration System
   + EZ Connectors
   + Faucets
   + Filters
   + Filter Housings
   + Floor Standing Water
   + Inline Filter Cartridges
   + Jaco Connector
   + Media Vessels
   + Membrane Filter
   + Mineral Pot Accessories
   + Mineral Pot Water Dispensers
   + Plastic Clip
   + Portable Filter Housings
   + Pressure Gauge
   + Reverse Osmosis Accessories
   + Reverse Osmosis System
   + Reverse Osmosis Tank
      Pressure Meter
   + Stainless Steel Filter Housings
   + Stopper Balls
   + Tank & Bottles
   + Test Kits
   + Ultra Violet Filters
   + Water Taps
   + Wrenches (Housing Opener)
Product Research and Manufacturing

  We Are Distributor 0f Water Filter And Component:

  Outdoor Membrane filtration water filter : Ultra Water Filter DSS-440E, Ultra Water Filter DRS-440S
  Indoor Ultrafiltration water filter: Ultra Energy Water Filtration System, Ultra Energy Twin Tower Water Filter, Ultra
    Energy Water Dispenser.
  Water Filter Component : Bracket for water filter, Diverter & Connector for water filter, EZ Connectors for water filter,
    Faucets for water filter, Jaco Connector for water filter, Media Vessel For water filter, Plastic Clip for water filter,
    Stopper valve for water filter, Wrenches For water filter and ect..
  Mineral water filtration system : Mineral water systems, Mineral pot Accessories, Mineral pot water dispenser.
  Water Dispenser : Floor Standing water dispenser, Mineral pot water dispenser, Reverse Osmosis water dispenser,
    Hot & Cold water dispenser, Hot & Warm water dispenser.
  Water filter cartridge : Doulton filter cartridge, Inline filter cartrige for various kind of water filter, Ceramic filter candle,
    Ultrafiltration filter candle.
  Housing water filter : Filter housing, portable filter housing, Stainless steel filter housing.
  Reverse Osmosis water filter : Reverse osmosis accessories, reverse osmosis and portable water filter.

  Specialized In:

  Membrane filtration system : microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, EDI
  Domestic water filtration system
  Ultra pure and portable water treatment system
  Waste water treatment and recycling system
  Demineraliser and water softener system
  Biological treatment system (COD and BOD removal)
  Water and waste water treatment chemicals


DSS-453 DRS-440S DSS-440E  
What is MEMFIL Ultrafiltration Membrane System?
The Memfil Ultrafiltration membranes resemble long strands of spaghetti that are hollow on the inside. The membrane wall is made from a polymer composite that has billions of tightly controlled microscopic pores that are 0.01 microns nominal in size. Water naturally flows through the pores from the inside-out through the membrane wall under very low pressure. The pores physically block particles, turbidity and pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and cysts. Most current water treatment technologies are based on absorption, concentration or intensity, which can be affected by sudden spikes in turbidity or pathogen concentration. The Memfil Ultrafiltration membranes provide water filtration using physical size exclusion, resulting in a consistent supply of high quality treated water regardless of the inlet quality. The membrane both filters and disinfects the water in one step.
Membrane Structure  

Memfil Ultrafiltration membrane cartridges operate from the inside to the outside during filtration. This means that process fluid (retentate) flows through the center of the hollow fiber and permeate passes through the fiber wall to the outside of the membrane fiber. Tangential flow can help limit membrane fouling. Other operating techniques that can be employed with hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane systems include back flushing with permeate and retentate reverse flow.

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