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Memfil is manufacturer of Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Filter, distributor of energy water filter, diomond water, water dispenser and mineral pot.
•Outdoor Ultra Water Filter
    + Ultra Filter DSS-440E
    + Ultra Filter DRS-440S
    + Ultra Filter DSS-453
•Indoor Ultra Water Filter
    + Ultra Energy Water System
    + Ultra Energy Twin Tower
    + Ultra Energy Twin Tower
    + Ultra Energy Triple Tower
    + Ultra Energy Water Dispenser
•Product advantages
•Flushing & Blackwashing
•Other product for retail and
   + Bottle Type Water Dispenser
   + Bracket
   + Direct Pipe In
      Water Dispensers
   + Diverter & Connector
   + Doulton Products
   + Drinking Water Pump
   + Energy Filtration System
   + EZ Connectors
   + Faucets
   + Filters
   + Filter Housings
   + Floor Standing Water
   + Inline Filter Cartridges
   + Jaco Connector
   + Media Vessels
   + Membrane Filter
   + Mineral Pot Accessories
   + Mineral Pot Water Dispensers
   + Plastic Clip
   + Portable Filter Housings
   + Pressure Gauge
   + Reverse Osmosis Accessories
   + Reverse Osmosis System
   + Reverse Osmosis Tank
      Pressure Meter
   + Stainless Steel Filter Housings
   + Stopper Balls
   + Tank & Bottles
   + Test Kits
   + Ultra Violet Filters
   + Water Taps
   + Wrenches (Housing Opener)
Product Research and Manufacturing
Technical Info

Ultrafiltration can be used to apply to the following :
1.Surface Water Clarification
2.Waste Water Treatment
3.RO Pre-Treatment

Surface Water Clarification :
This membrane can be used to replace all conventional clarifying processes, eliminating the need for coagulant and flocculant and large clarifying tanks, media and sand filters. Without the need to use large clarifying tanks, one would conserve much valuable land. The system is neat and takes up a very small footprint. For example, a 500m3/day UF system takes up only 2.4m x 1.2m of space. It is suitable for treating incoming piped water, all surface water such as reservoirs, lakes, rivers, canals, rain and bore-hole or, underground water.

Waste Water Treatment :
In using the the ‘Ultra-Flo’ membranes in replacing the conventional clarification process, there is no need to use chemicals such as, coagulant and flocculant. The membranes are made of modified hydrophilic poly acrylic nitrile. Eliminating the use of chemicals will assist in further savings,besides saving on labour, as manpower is usually required in theaccurate dosing of chemicals required in the conventional water treatment plant.

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